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St. Matthäus-Kirche


St. Matthäus-Kirche (St. Matthew’s Church) is “u-topos” – from Greek, “no place” – in multiple ways. As the oldest building of the Kulturforum, it evokes a city that no longer exists. As a spiritual center, it evokes a world that does not yet exist. As a venue for contemporary art, it is a space where utopian questions about life itself can resonate. Its exhibition station tells the story of the church amidst the tension of changing utopias: the Italophile longings present in the old Tiergarten neighborhood, the megalomaniacal fantasies of the Nazis, the desire for healing and reconstruction after the Second World War, and the dream of a united, connected whole in the nascent Kulturforum. Beginning on  September 19th, the installation “(un) finished” by light and media artist Mischa Kuball will be bringing the present day into focus and addressing the interminability of history.