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Media Art Interventions “Bee prepared” and “I see you”

an der Außenfassade des Kunstgewerbemuseums

Thursday, 28. October – Sunday, 21. November 2021


10785 Berlin

What could the Kulturforum look like in the future? In two media art interventions, Dumei Lu, Wenjia Wang, Jiaqiang Guo, Frederik Staut and Oliver Braese explore the utopian potential of a society in harmony with nature as well as the dystopian forces of an AI-controlled world. The projections, specially designed for the façades of the Museum of Decorative Arts, were created in a semester project on the theme of “Utopia Cultural Forum” at the HBKsaar in Saarbrücken. The finalists were selected by an external jury.

“Bee prepared”
Concept and statement: Frederick Staut, Oliver Braese

Question: What kind of society has always functioned in harmony with nature? Exactly! That of the bees. They live through nature and nature continues to exist thanks to their vital work for both sides. To illustrate this, from November 2021 a host of plants will be reclaiming the facades of the Kulturforum Berlin to provide the bees with the foundation they need to survive and to expand. After first carefully gaining a rough overview, the bees slowly gain confidence and fly in swarms to the unusual façade greenery.

Will we survive our current lifestyle?
The bees have survived. Will we survive our current lifestyle? That is the question thrown at the facade here. Through today’s insecticides, we are making it difficult for the bees – and this is only to increase yields and ensure our survival. The criticism at this point is quite clear: we must live in harmony with nature and not exploit it to the hilt. Thanks to the bees, the lights are not yet going out in our country. Is it too utopian to believe in a compromise between man and nature? It is time to sensitise our society to this. It is time to once again call this question loudly into our consciousness. It is time we cannot ignore – because it is running out: bees as an analogy to our society as it should be.

“I see you”
Concept and statement: Dumei Lu, Wenjia Wang, Jiaqiang Guo

Smart products are everywhere in our lives today. People enjoy the convenience of computers, mobile phones, Internet of Things, etc. and look forward to the beautiful utopia brought about by more technologies. But at the same time, privacy is being violated. Big Data analyses people’s data and forms information cocoons that envelop users. Perhaps in the future, with the development of artificial intelligence, even human memories, thinking and emotions will be captured.

A critical look at digital life
“I See You” takes a critical look at digital life. While enjoying a comfortable life, personal information security must also be protected. True utopia means not only a world of material comfort, but above all a virtual world of information security.

Semester project on “Utopia Cultural Forum
The semester project on “Utopia Kulturforum” at the HBKsaar was initiated by Claudia Banz, Curator of Design at the Museum of Decorative Arts and realised by Mark Braun, Professor of Product Design and Burghard Detzler, Professor of Media Architecture & Interactive Media as part of the German Design Graduates.

The projects “Bee prepared” and “I see you” were selected from numerous course results by a jury of experts led by Claudia Banz, Ineke Hans, Katrin Krupka and Hermann August Weizenegger.

The project and the façade projections were realised by the team of Florian Penner and Alexander Wöhler with Ingo Wendt, Mert Akbal and Thorsten Müller.

The two media art interventions “Be prepared” and “I see you” can be seen on the façade of the Museum of Decorative Arts every day between 5 and 9 p.m. from 28 October to 21 November 2021.